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Could Highland Park Be LA's Next Big Indie Shopping Spot?

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Image via Shopclass
Image via Shopclass

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Is Highland Park's on-the-rise York Boulevard officially cooler than hipster haven Silver Lake's Sunset Boulevard? Condé Nast's Daily Traveler seems to think so, and the globetrotter-focused pub recently name-checked two local-loved indie boutiques that are helping the artsy Eastside stretch up its street cred.

Calling out go-to home inspo haunt Platform and new vintage shop/golden turban winner Shopclass ("Prices put Westside shops of the same ilk to shame"), the travel site also cited a handful of other must-stop spots along the creative corridor that are luring Angelenos away from the traditionally hip 'hood of Silver Lake.

So what say you about York's rising Yelpability—is it a total "yes" or not quite there yet?
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