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Bloomie's at Glendale Galleria Gets New Façade, Is Still Hiring

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Things are coming together nicely for the soon-to-open Bloomingdale's at the Glendale Galleria. (Save the date for November 8!) Last week, the department store laid down the finishing touches to its sleek new façade overlooking the corner of Brand Boulevard and Broadway, just across the way from that brand-spankin' new Marshalls.

Boasting illuminated tiling that'll light the way for shoppers at night, Bloomie's looks poised to present some well-mannered competition to the Nordstroms that was snatched away by relocated to the Americana at Brand next door. On the HR front, the retailer's still looking to fill 13 spots on the sales floor; meanwhile, the shopping center's ramping up to welcome its new addition to the nabe with a weekend-long grand opening bash from November 8th to 10th. (Stay tuned!)

So what's happening with Nordie's vacated space in the Galleria? No word yet on who'll be moving in on the space—incidentally, it's owned by shopping mall mogul Rick Caruso & Co. (Yep, of The Grove and Americana fame.) Let the competition begin.
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