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Fashion Insiders Spill Pro Shopping Tips, More at Fashion DuJour

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Blogstars, industry insiders and well-heeled shoppers gathered in the heart of the Valley to fête all things fashion with uber-luxe magazine DuJour last night. Held at Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, the stylish soiree featured a tastemaker panel, a silent auction, a showcase of Emmy-nominated costumes and a live showdown that challenged FIDM's top talents to design red carpet gowns in under an hour. (Intense!)

As guests (including funny lady Fran Drescher!) enjoyed sweet treats whipped up by Wolfgang Puck and fancy bites from Beverly Hills Caviar, Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi picked the brains of jet-setting Fashiontoast blogger Rumi Neely, crafty Eye Swoon blogger Athena Calderone and celeb stylist Jeanann Williams about everything from the state of street style to fashion faux pas to expert shopping tips. The top take away? When it comes to personal style, follow your heart and you'll stand out from the pack like a pro.

For more on the high-class haps and the tastemaker trio's top fall picks, click through the gallery and read more after the jump.

On the explosion of street style blogs over the past four years, Neely disagrees with naysayers who insist the scene "has to plateau." From everyday bloggers to the front-row fixtures, fashion is more accessible and inspirational as ever—and that's a good thing, she says.

On how she snagged her glamorous gig, Williams reveals that she already had her fashionable foot in the door as a PR powerhouse with NYC firm KCD when she made the risky leap to dress A-listers. (Counting award-winning starlet Naomi Watts as a "dear friend" also helps, too). Despite her whirlwind success, the stylist admits she still gets "last minute jitters," and adds that having two fully-styled outfits in her back pocket is her fail-safe for every event.

The tastemaker trifecta also spilled on their fashion faux pas: extra whiskers on jeans (Neely), obnoxiously sexy platform heels (Calderone) and over-accessorizing (think big earrings, a statement necklace and chunky bracelets all rolled into one look, says Williams) are all sartorial no-nos in their books.

And their secrets to scoring during shopping seshes? The perfect piece is always nearly impossible to find when you're on an obsessive hunt, so "let your instincts guide you and buy things as you love them," says Neely. Uber creative interior designer Calderone insists that BFFs and SOs only cloud your judgement, so it's best to shop solo. As for Williams, she encourages everyone to "brown-nose those sales associates," who've got the power to grant insider access to treasure-filled back rooms.

To cap off the evening, style expert Lindsay Albanese and a host of industry insiders awarded emerging designer and FIDM student Mohamed Salaheldin $2,500 and a display showcasing his designs for a full year at the uber ritzy shopping center.
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