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Le Frenchlab Showcases France's Emerging Designers in DTLA

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C'est vrai: As demonstrated by the highly-anticipated forecast of French additions to our city's shopping scene, France's LA love affair is clearly more than just a fling. (Right back atcha!) But big-name brands aren't the only ones eyeing American audiences, and French fashion incubator Le Frenchlab—the Parisian version of our own FactoryLA—chose Los Angeles as the launchpad for a host of its homeland's emerging top-notch talent during LA Fashion Week.

Held at the Fashion Forwards showroom Downtown, the presentation introduced quite a stellar selection: from avant-garde designer Raphaelle H'Limi's totally out-of-this-world, holographic tops and quilted sweaters to Faubourg Du Temple's cult-cool status jackets and skirts, we can definitely see the likes of Opening Ceremony and TenOverSix saying, "oui, s'il vous plaît." (Fingers crossed!) In addition to Le Frenchlab's covetable collections, several other equally enviable European imports were shown—click through the gallery to see our fave picks.

Another take away? It seems that the City of Lights and the City of Angels are very much like-minded pals in the style realm. From their experimental style to their love of ethical, made-in-my-home-turf manufacturing, Le Frenchlab's Emmanuelle Rienda tells us the American and European fashion set "have the same vision and the same expectations and a sense of community." Right on.

Oh, and Rienda's no stranger to singing the praises of the Stateside talents, either. Her online shop, God Bless America, not only stocks a killer collection of vintage, but also Cali-made merch from accessories line Jaqet and jewelry from LA designers Natalia Benson and Jessica Seaton.
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