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Twinkie at Leanna Lin's Wonderland Loves Big Brother Nixon

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Photos courtesy of Leanna Lin's Wonderland

Remember the lovable Nixon from Leanna Lin's Wonderland? Well he has a new friend or we should say, little sister. Store owner Leanna Lin adopted ten month old Twinkie over Labor Day weekend after a brief foster with the leggy pooch proved to be a match made in doggie heaven. "Nixon is the perfect big brother!" Lin gushed of the budding friendship. "Twinkie follows him around everywhere and he is great with her puppy-like energy."

Twinkie, also known as Twinkie Long Legs, is a Maltipoo described as a lady and tomboy all in one. She likes to hang out under Lin's computer table near the speakers just like her older counterpart and goes after any toy he has touched, even if he is still having a moment with it. Like any toddler, Twinkie drags every toy out of the basket to play with them before taking a nap and waiting for Lin to clean up her mess.

Customers also adore the store's newest addition. She is a greeter who is currently learning not to jump on patrons when they walk in, though they hardly mind the attention, Twinkie is so light they almost don't notice she is following only two steps behind. "Twinkie gets so much love from all my friends, artists and designer that visit the shop," Lin explained. "They just love her because she's pretty chill and so tiny!" Awww.
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