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Nasty Gal Engages In Some Super-Nasty Instagram Bickering

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Don't mess with Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso, or for that matter, Etsy seller Saylor Rose. Last night, the two women tangled very publicly on Instagram over a Nasty Gal bracelet that's almost identical to a design sold on the Saylor Rose Etsy boutique.

Nasty Gal 'grammed a photo of the bangle, above, with the caption "represent" and a link to buy it online for $15. An hour later, Saylor Rose re-'grammed their image, saying, "Dear @nastygal, thanks for coping [sic] me. You can go fuck yourselves." Amoruso responded in the comments, "We are pulling it from the site. Forgive us for never having heard of you and give me a break for having done so. There are better ways of eliciting a response from us and it starts with being polite. Congrats, you've been knocked off. It's a rite of passage."

That wasn't the end of it, though. Amoruso then posted a screengrab of the back and forth, commenting, "Great promotion for whatsherface. No way we knew that a goofy charm bracelet was invented by miss @saylorrose. By the way, when we know something is a knock off, we act. No way to pay attention to every single mom of an Etsy scrapbooker out there."

The rest of the comments are divided between unwavering support for Amoruso and Nasty Gal, and 'grammers sticking up Saylor Rose aka the little guy. A sample pro NG response, "No reason to get whiney about it either. Honestly I saw something similar at the Rose Bowl flea market a couple years ago."

Meanwhile, Instagram user Andy Rosenthal of Assembled argues that people are "missing the point. There is a job at NastyGal, TopShop etc where a person gets paid to comb the Internet, source styles, and duplicate them. As simple as this was, a charm bracelet, they couldn't even assemble one that was slightly different. Urban does this, AF does this, mod cloth does this. And the little guy never gets play, and rarely fights back. I'm for the underdog."

Ironically, Nasty Gal was recently on the other side of this argument when Forever 21 came out with a magazine that more than resembled NG's Super Nasty. At the time, Amoruso Tweeted that it felt "like highway robbery." Thoughts on this latest blowup, anyone?
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