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Look Inside Millionairess Petra Ecclestone's Redonk Closet

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Update: Image pulled for legal reasons.

LA-based 23-year-old millionairess Petra Ecclestone has it all: piles of money, her own luxury bag line and an absurdly-large home with its own moniker, The Manor. Ecclestone and her husband James Stunt bought The Manor in 2011 from Aaron and Candy Spelling for a cool $85 mill and immediately redid it, reportedly hiring more than 500 workers to install all the new furniture and art in a manner of weeks.

Yesterday, new photos of the Holmby Hills manse hit the internet, and our sister site Curbed LA snagged them before they could be pulled down. That, above, is Petra's closet—the size of a respectable one-bedroom apartment—decorated with mannequins, a chandelier and glass-topped cases for the Formula One racing heiress' jewelry. According to a profile in W, it was designed to look like a boutique and houses Petra's collection of 25 Birkins. "I live in my Birkins," she said. "I'm running out of colors. I want more, is the problem. They need to make me one."

Click over to Curbed for more over-the-top photos including Petra's gargantuan private spa.
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