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Burning Torch Sale; Cheesecake Factory to Westfield Topanga

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Image via Burning Torch
Image via Burning Torch

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VENICE—In addition to Heist and Surfing Cowboys, Abbot Kinney's Burning Torch is having a post-holiday sale. Stop in for up to 50% off leather pieces, knits and more. The deals go through Sunday, January 13th. [Refinery29]

CANOGA PARK—According to a Racked tipster, Westfield Topanga is getting reading to welcome its very own Cheesecake Factory. The report: "It's taking over where California Pizza Kitchen currently is (CPK is relocating to where Sony used to be) and all of the space directly behind it. It's on their latest lease plan sent out to prospective retailers." [Racked Inbox]


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