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Chanel, Proenza, Ford: Inside Actress Olga Valentina's Closet

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Olga Valentina is a Russian-born actress with a rad pad in Venice. She stars alongside John Cusack and Nicholas Cage in The Frozen Ground, which is set to hit theaters later this year. When she's not filming scenes or calling shots at her own production company, you can find her shopping, shopping and shopping some more.

As one of Stylehaus' most loyal clients, the 26-year-old blonde frequently visits the members-only styling boutique to seek outfit advice from founder Marina Monroe, who became her fast friend after they met at a dinner party two years ago. "Marina gave me her business card and told me to come to her showroom, which was in her apartment building at the time," Valentina explains. "She said, 'Girl, I love everything you wear, but you dress like a 45-year-old woman. I just moved here from Russia and was used to wearing head-to-toe couture, so I had no idea how to mix in contemporary brands. She put me in leather pants one night, and I never looked back."

Equipped with a steady cashflow thanks to a wealthy family and her own work, Valentina has no problem dropping serious dough on significant designer pieces. From Yves Saint Laurent Tribute heels to romantic Chloé dresses to rare pieces from Tom Ford's debut women's collection, her closet is a high-fashion lover's paradise. And, with the help of Monroe, the rising star has developed a taste for cult-cool brands, too. "I'm obsessed with Proenza. I love the timeless shape and rainbow of colors," she reveals. "I also love Camilla and Marc, Jeremy Scott, Mugler and Garrett Leight, who has a great shop on Abbot Kinney."

Check out our gallery for a peek at Valentina's crazy-covetable collection and follow her dedicated Instagram hashtag #OlgasFashion to see how she rocks it.
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