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Did Russell Brand Really Stage a Walkout at Golden Bridge Yoga?

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Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

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How did we miss this? Last Tuesday, Russell Brand made a spectacle at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood. Radar reports that the British comedian/actor/ex-husband of Katy Perry "staged a mass walkout during class to protest the studio's alleged poor treatment of his close pal, yoga teacher, Tej Kaur Khalsa."

Angered by the news that Golden Bridge was possibly refusing to let the instructor out of her contract, Brand stood in front of the class and advised everyone to follow him out if they wanted to continue studying with Khalsa. It gets weirder: Demi Moore was there and marched out, too.

One more dose of weirdness: A studio employee tells Radar that the instructor did quit, but she just "upped and left" and "there wasn't a contract problem." Huh? Maybe Brand was just looking for some new press.
· That's Not Very Spiritual Russell! Brand Stages Yoga Class Walkout To Protest On Behalf Of Teacher Pal! [Radar]

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