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Kate Bosworth Swears by Body Scrubs at This LA Korean Spa

Photo via FameFlynet
Photo via FameFlynet

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Contrary to popular belief, celebrities are not superhuman. Although they might have better closets than us, they work hard to maintain their good looks—even if they have ridiculously good genes to begin with. One of said stars is Topshop favorite Kate Bosworth, who recently revealed her trusted beauty haven to Vogue Australia:

"I really love going to Korean spas in LA. There's one in particular where they do just a regular brush scrub. It's called Beverly Hot Springs. I think it's the only natural mineral hot spring in LA. It's got the hot and cold pools, so that's always nice to do. What I get is called the Body Scrub/Body Care Combo. They scrub but then it's also real yoghurt on your body and then real honey all over your body and they shave cucumber. It totally smells like breakfast."

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Beverly Hot Springs

308 N Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004