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LA Fashion Council's Kelsi Smith Makes a Plea for LAFW Support

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When recapping the year that was 2012, we hit upon a sore spot: LA Fashion Week. Fashion insiders have mixed feelings about the event and we get it. Media doesn't fly in from Europe—or even from New York City—for LA fashion week. Though this is LA, the land of celebrities, it's rare to see a famous face in the front row at an LA show. The city's biggest-name talents, labels like Band of Outsiders and Rodarte, don't even show in their hometown. Out of Racked's list of 15 local fashion types, including designers, store owners, bloggers and celebrity stylists, only four were "pro" LAFW.

And yet, there's a case to be made for a week of shows and presentations that highlight the up-and-coming talent LA has to offer. It's a case being made by Kelsi Smith, director of the Los Angeles Fashion Council. In a comment left on Racked yesterday, Smith had this to say about the state of things.

"As Director of Los Angeles Fashion Council—a project I took on myself and continue to run effectively alone (I finally just hired staff to handle other areas of my business)—I have approached almost every single person (with the exception of the "yays" ironically & one or two others) quoted above to help revive the industry and the way in which we promote our designers.

Almost every single one either declined, was too busy or ignored me. Think of that what you will. But I will say, it's very easy to complain about a problem but it's much harder to try and be the solution.

Last year I spent upwards of $10K of my own money supporting Los Angeles fashion. I am not a wealthy person. I spent countless hours, blood, sweat and tears trying to do something about it. I am not a person with time, energy or tears to spare.

But I give a shit. So I do something. The last thing I want to do is martyr myself for this city, so I wouldn't mind someone actually lending a hand. Even if it's a well placed name with clout or simply words of encouragement instead of this incessant whiny "LA sucks" crap.

Let 2013 be a year of doing something about it. Otherwise you don't actually get a say. It's as simple as that.

Anyway. So if you'd like to be a "yay-sayer" don't hesitate to reach out: kelsi (at) losangelesfashioncouncil (dot) org
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