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Kimora Lee Simmons on LA, Her New Show and Being Fab

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Photo courtesy of KLS.
Photo courtesy of KLS.

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Kimora Lee Simmons is a renowned model, fashion mogul and media star. In 2011, the former Baby Phat designer was named president and creative director of LA-based online accessories retailer JustFab, allowing Simmons to bring her "fabulosity" concept to a new set of e-shopaholics.

Equipped with a big personality and even larger closet, KLS was made for TV, which is why Style has teamed up with her once again for Kimora: House of Fab. Similar to her previous show on the network, this new docu-series (on Wednesdays, 9pm PT) gives fans an inside look at the celeb's day-to-day life running a major company. We checked in with Simmons to hear more about her new gig and how she manages to do it all.

What can we expect from your new show?
"It's a crash course in what it takes to survive and flourish in the online fashion space. JustFab has over 9 million subscribers worldwide. I can't wait to give them and everyone else what I've been calling a 'chic peek' into how we do business."

What is your advice to female entrepreneurs out there?
"I love this question! Any woman with the goal of being an entrepreneur needs full immersion in the market. Learn not only your tiny piece, like 'design,' but also learn all the other elements that come before and after. Learn merchandising. Learn distribution. Familiarize yourself with examples of successful partnership marketing in your field. You need a 360 degree understanding of the business. That's what will truly distinguish you as a business person."

Have you hosted any luxurious parties at your LA home recently? What is your advice for at-home entertaining?
"We had guests over last summer and did an amazing barbecue with a band. Not so much uber-luxurious as it was intimate and chic. My tip is that lighting can what I call 'redimensionalize' any environment. And there's always something fabulous about breaking bread outdoors with people that inspire you. Good music is crucial, too, whether or not you can dance!"

Where do you shop and what are some of your recent splurges?
"I pride myself on being a champion of the high-low mix, so I love really great boutiques as well as department stores. As a working mom, I don't have as much time as I'd like to shop for myself, but I'm consistently inspired by what I see when I'm able to hit the sales floor."

Where do you go to get your hair and nails done? Or is everything done on set?
"I'm always working, so a lot of time I will use artists on set. I've done boutiques and I'm a fan of 30-minute blowout bars, too. I can also do it myself. It all depends on scheduling and less-so whether I'm pampered. My beauty regime advice is: Mix it up! Learn your rhythm, what your skin and hair needs, and then don't look back."

Approximately how many shoes and handbags do you own?
"Is this a joke? [Laughs] I have a lot of shoes and bags—hundreds of each! But as my daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee grow and express themselves as budding fashionistas, I've noticed that some of my favorite pieces have gone missing. Honestly, that's why I'm most proud about the accessories and clothes that I've amassed. I'm now able to pass these treasures on to them!"
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