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Mood Designer Fabrics Brings Its Mondo Selection To La Brea

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Images, Elizabeth Daniels

Rarely do the words "famous" and "fabric store" belong in the same sentence, but when the shop in question is Mood Designer Fabrics, the descriptor is apt. Made notable as the go-to for intense Project Runway competitions, Mood is a source of all sorts of fabrics and supplies for industry insiders as well as home sewers and crafty types.

Earlier this month, Mood relocated from its longtime LA home at 6151 West Pico to a space more than double the size at 645 South La Brea. The shop's 22,000 square feet are filled with a rainbow of textiles—"everything you could ever imagine," says the store's owner—including all types of natural and synthetic fabrics, trimming, sewing supplies, buttons and leather. Pricing ranges from $2 per yard for basic lining up to $300 per yard for "fancy lace."

In addition to the increase in space, Mood has added a classroom section where they'll be offering sewing and design classes for kids and adults starting February 4th. As an introductory move, they're offering six sessions for free—call (323) 653-6663 if you're interested.
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