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LA Artist Lola Rose Loves Thrifty's Ice Cream, Public Pools

Artwork via <a href="">Lola Rose/Tumblr</a>
Artwork via Lola Rose/Tumblr

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It's a good time for local artists. Similar to Silver Lake-based illustrator Langley Fox, Studio City-born Lola Rose Thompson has been making headlines for her charming watercolor paintings and lengthy titles. (The work pictured above is called "Women Telling Each Other Secrets Which They Will Eventually Reveal To Other People While The Men Burn The Meat." Whew.) The Tappan Collective-approved talent recently sat down with BULLETT magazine to share some of her favorite things.

Through a series of entertaining illustrations, Thompson reveals that her favorite ice cream flavor is Thrifty's mint and chip, which is somewhat of an institution here in Cali. She also declares that her "happy place" is the swim stadium at USC, adding that "public pools are very underappreciated. In LA they cost $2 with a public library card."
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