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Get Your Tickets Now to Unique LA's Fake Prom

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Dust off your taffeta and tiaras: It's almost time for the Fake Prom. Thrown by the folks behind indie design show Unique LA, the event is a nostalgia-tinged recreation of the iconic high school dance, complete with a DJ and a portrait booth. (Bonus: Unlike the events of our youth, this prom will feature an open bar.)

All proceeds for Fake Prom benefit Inner-City Arts, an organization that teaches art curriculums to at-risk kids in elementary, middle and high school. Entry to the event, which takes place February 9th, is at least $35 (which will pay for one student for one month as well as supplies) or $50 (one kid, two months plus supplies).

The Fake Prom's organizers have a page dedicated to "promspiration," from style eras to steal from to super-awkward poses. Speaking of, if an "Awkward Prom Photos" Tumblr doesn't exist yet, it definitely should.
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