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Bruce Jenner Posed as a Steve Madden Employee for CBS

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Bruce Jenner is okay with poking a bit of fun at himself and his newfound reality TV fame. The Olympian and Kardashian patriarch appeared recently on CBS' hidden-camera show I Get That A Lot, going "undercover" as a store manager at Steve Madden in Santa Monica. Jenner aka "Bill," donned a faux ponytail for the gig, which had him assisting confused customers who, of course, kept asking him if he was "that guy."

"I wish I had his money. Plus, have you seen that show? I saw it twice and I thought the father was kind of obnoxious. He gets pushed around by the women and stuff," he says to one couple. To two Austrialian women, he replies, "Actually, that's the reason I got the job. Because I look like that guy."

He also weirds it up, asking one customer to jump on bubble wrap to "clean her feet" and to another woman trying on heels, says "I don't want to sound creepy here, but I'm going to take a picture of your feet."

At the end, Jenner confesses that he is, indeed, "that guy" and the camera crew emerges from its hiding place. The full episode is here and also features Jane Seymour working customer service at Cost Plus World Market, Cheech Marin at Party City and Jeff Gordon at AutoZone.
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