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InStyle, SLS: Surveying the Golden Globes Gifting Suites

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If you noticed a crazy amount of traffic on the road today, it's because celebrities are scattered all around town visiting gifting suites. As if stars need any more spoiling, tons of hotels have set up special rooms with their properties that are filled with free swag and treatments for talent to enjoy. Of course, not all gifting suites are created equal, so we stopped by two big ones—the Golden Globes suite at the SLS Hotel and the InStyle beauty lounge at Four Seasons Beverly Hills—to weigh in.

Our first stop was the SLS event, which reminded us a bit of last year's Wedding Salon. The place was jam-packed with indie vendors pushing a variety of interesting products. Reality stars and hopefuls (like our friend above) gobbled up the generous gift bags, which were filled with everything from organic beauty products from Shoosha (the brand literally launched today), haircare items from OSIS, makeup by Shany, and even baby formula. Come to think of it, there were tons of baby items offered, likely due to the sudden surge of celeb pregnancies.

Next, we made our way to InStyle's intimate beauty lounge at the swanky Four Seasons. This was definitely the place where big names roamed, like Selma Blair who was simultaneously hiding from the paps and trying the suite's variety of treatments when we walked in. The event featured complimentary hair and makeup touch-ups by L'Oréal Paris, mini manicures by OPI, eyebrow shaping by our friends at Woodley & Bunny and super-soft Donna Karan hosiery. We could get used to this.
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