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This Venice Instructor's Acro Yoga Practice Makes Us Feel Lazy

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After a video of Briohny Smyth limbering up with a series of impressive yoga poses and handstands went viral, the Venice-based Equinox instructor is back with a new envy-inducing clip where she balances atop her husband, fellow Equinox instructor Dice Iida-Klein.

As Smyth told Equinox's blog Q, acro yoga is difficult not only due to the balancing but also because you have to fully trust someone else to hold you up the whole time. "It was a real challenge for both of us to go from singular practices, where we had full control, and release control to one another," she said. If you want to get the moves, she teaches at YogisAnonymous, Black Dog, Up Dog and, of course, Equinox. Check out her schedule right here.
· Video: The Balancing Act [Q]