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Target Screens Shoppable Short Film with Kristen Bell, Nia Long

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Target brought out the popcorn last night at SLS Beverly Hills for a special preview of their upcoming shoppable short film called "Falling For You" starring Kristen Bell, Nia Long, and Zachary Abel. The short film, directed by Phil Abraham, features looks and products from the company's fall assortment that will be available for purchase online in a new interactive format. Shoppers will be able to favorite and purchase pieces shown in each shot as the film play on

Racked got to see the complete short film, which will be broadcast online in 3 episodes on October 2nd, 4th, and 9th. The film's conclusion will be streamed live online at from a special show on October 10th in New York City at Terminal 5.

The romantic comedy, which spans only around 15 minutes, sets up Kristen Bell and Zachary Abel as two Target team members pitching ideas to Nia Long for their fall fashion event, which will finally be revealed during the aforementioned live show on October 10th. Bell's Amanda does her best Tina Fey as a bubbly and bumbling ex-nerd who, in addition to competing with Abel's Joe for the fall fashion event, has a surprising history with the handsome, charming career man. The film hits all the classic rom-com notes so well that we're not sure how we'll ever sit through another full-length feature again.

As for the clothes, the looks were all sharply styled by celebrity stylist Jen Rade. A neon green cable-knit mohair sweater, noted by Bell as her favorite piece, stood out to us in particular. The more than 110 Target products in the film range from $11.99 up to $299, which keeps it in line with the retailer's hot-ticket collabs. Of note was the cast's reaction to working in this medium; all three stars said that the experience was much more seamless and natural than the typical product placement method typically used in film and on TV. The items, from apparel to beauty to home decor, all appear in a scrolling sidebar as they appear in the film. Target may have hit the mark in terms of passively integrating products into entertainment, owed certainly in part to Abraham's direction, given that he's an Emmy award-winning cinematographer for both Mad Men and The Sopranos.

On the personal shopping front, Bell said the last thing she purchased at Target was office supplies, of all things. Abel's most recent purchase was a pair of striped socks. He also confessed to walking off set after shooting in a pair of Target's purple underwear with a banana print that is part of the fall collection. Long, for her part, got away with a pair of yellow heels she wore in the film.—Noah Adler
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