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Tokidoki's Warehouse Sale Returns Next Friday

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Tokidoki's last warehouse sale left a lot of customers frustrated. That's because the brand's die-hard fans cleaned it out so fast that they had to shut down after just a few hours. As a commenter on Yelp groused, "Drove all the way up from Long Beach and got there around lunch time...not even any sign of them having been there, pretty ghetto! How about at the very least a twitter post about how its closed and sold out, or maybe a flyer on the door saying it's over? Very weak..."

We mention this as a word of warning to shoppers looking to hit up the next Tokidoki warehouse sale, which is taking place next Friday and Saturday at the company's warehouse on Washington Boulevard. The doors are scheduled to open at 10am, but given how last year went, it's probably a good idea to get there at least a few hours earlier if you really want the goods.
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