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LA-Based Millionairess Petra Ecclestone Designs Luxury Bags

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Photos via Stark

Did you know that a 23-year-old British socialite named Petra Stunt (née Ecclestone), one of the richest women in the world, purchased Aaron and Candy Spelling's legendary property, The Manor, for $85 million last year? If not, our sister site Curbed LA has all the deets, including a list of 15 interesting items that she brought with her.

Because she can, Ecclestone also launched a luxury handbag line last year called Stark—and it's pretty badass. The collection is currently sold in 25 stores—including Intermix, Curve and Saks—and styles feature ultra-decadent details, such as exotic skins and genuine Swarovski crystals.

Haute Living hooked us up with a sneak peek at their interview with the millionaire heiress, which launches this Thursday. Regarding the label's name, Ecclestone reveals that, "Stark is the complete opposite of the bag. When you think of 'stark', you think neutral and white and plain. The bags themselves are detailed and out there." She goes on to explain that, "They're real showpieces. You don't have to wear a lot of jewelry or anything flashy when you carry one." You may not need to wear a lot of jewelry, but you sure do need to have a lot of money.
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