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LA's Clu Comes Out With A Chic Basics Collection for Gap

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Los Angeles brand Clu has been producing tees, tanks, dresses and more everyday clothes since 2004. What sets the label apart is its deconstructed, sculptural take on these basics. Designers Seung Lee and Jin Lee piece different fabrics or colors together to create a paneled effect on sweats and tees and add silks or shirting to the bottom of a basic cardi to create a layered effect.

In search of a fresh look, Gap enlisted Clu to create an exclusive women's collection because, as the retailer notes, "Clu takes our favorite essentials and reconstructs them with creative details that are chic, timeless, and versatile." The resulting 10 designs feature Clu markers (like contrasting hems and silk pockets on cotton) and all are affordably priced at less than $80.
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