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Fashiontoast and BryanBoy Instagram Their Wild West Road Trip

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All images via BryanBoy/Twitter and Rumi Neely/Twitter

What does it look like when two fashion bloggers prone to documenting their every outfit take a road trip across Utah and Nevada? Exactly like this. LA's own Rumi Neely, the proprietor of Fashiontoast, and her BFF BryanBoy have packed up their designer wardrobes and commenced Instagramming, Tweeting and blogging their way across the desert. Rumi explained the expedition on her site, writing:" I'm road tripping through Utah and Nevada with Bryan this week, mostly to put each other's real world functionality to the test. You'd be surprised at who's totally useless at what but I will say he was the one to figure out the proper way to close the trunk of our rental car."

Things that they have done so far: trek across the Bonneville Salt Flats (Rumi in a pair of silver 3.1 Phillip Lim D'Orsays), hit a casino in Elko, stop in to a "Boot Barn" in Winnemucca for authentic Western gear, swim in Nevada's Pyramid Lake, eat fried chicken in a parking lot and many other things you don't typically see them posting about on their respective sites. They look like they're really enjoying themselves. Follow along here, here, here or here for more images from their journey.
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