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Josh Brolin Hits Sunset Ranch Hollywood for Band of Outsiders

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Photos via Band of Outsiders

Just when we thought Band of Outsiders couldn't possibly get any cooler, the LA-based label finds another way to change the game. Following actress Michelle Williams' mischievous field trip to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, designer Scott Sternberg somehow managed to persuade actor Josh Brolin to channel his inner cowboy at Sunset Ranch Hollywood for Band's fall lookbook.

Snapped by Sternberg on vintage Polaroid film, the images feature the rugged LA-born thespian at the legendary Beachwood Canyon location doing Wild West-inspired activities like riding horses, smoking cigarettes, strumming a banjo and playing with cowboys and indians figurines. Brolin looks ridiculously slick doing all of these things, and it goes without saying that he wears Band's latest threads very, very well. See the full lookbook here.
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