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Talking Fashion With Clippers Fan and E! News Host Catt Sadler

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Meeting up for a juice is the LA equivalent of meeting up for coffee anywhere else. It's just what we do. To explore our city's many fresh-pressed, well-blended options (and as an excuse to get out of the office), we're juicing it up with some of our talented friends—and asking them delightfully random questions in the process. This is A Juice With.

As a host of E! News, Catt Sadler visits living rooms across the country nightly. Born and raised in central Indiana, Sadler snagged her first on-air segment, "Youth Matters," at a local Fox TV Station before graduating from Indiana University. Now she travels the globe and has covered everything from New York Fashion Week to the 2012 Olympics. While she is naturally attracted to stories with deep meaning she finds fashion stories the most fun. "It's not like I have to go ask Vera Wang about her scandalous affair," Sadler said. "It's just about the fashion. It's just about the art."

Although work and motherhood (she has two sons) keeps her schedule full, Sadler finds time to serve as the international spokesperson for the Women Like Us Foundation, which was originally started several years ago by her mother, Linda. As president and founder of the WLUF Hollywood Chapter, Sadler spent the last year creating a mentoring program at a middle school right here in Los Angeles.

The TV host is currently in the final stages of planning her destination wedding with her producer hubby, Rhys David Thomas, whom she married last October. "We got married?and now we're going backwards!" she said of the once long-distance relationship. As for the bling on her finger, "[It's] Tacori!"—Catherine Wright

What are you drinking today?
"I am drinking the Power Green Special at Liquid Juice Bar." [Green apple, kale, spinach, parsley, romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, spirulina, with added cayenne pepper]

Where was your last vacation?
"Last year Rhys and I went to Greece for a week. I covered the Royal Wedding for a week and then we flew from London to Crete, just the two of us. We stayed in a little seaside cottage right on the Mediterranean and we barely left our room. It was room service, lying out in the sun and walking to dinner every night. I don't think we got in the car once. We slept all day, read books, drank wine, and watched movies. It was very necessary. When you're as busy as I am and you go on vacation you just want to be still."

What is your favorite fashion decade?
"The '70s Halston vintage era; very Studio 54-esque."

What is today's Cattfirmation?
"Fear is a liar."

What was the best day of your life?
"Probably the day my first son was born."

What is your "Catt Off Duty" outfit?
"I live in my skinny Siwy Denim jeans or the jean shorts. I love a beat-up button-down boy's oxford-type shirt that I can roll up the sleeves on, and a fabulous pair of shoes, any type of sleek, sexy heel."

What is your favorite movie?
"The first one that comes to mind is Good Will Hunting."

Who do you look up to?
"Rachel Roy. She is balancing motherhood, she's a successful career woman, and she designs her life around fashion yet she isn't defined by fashion. She's a very multi-faceted woman. She's also very Zen and positive. I watch her and learn."

Describe your perfect weekend.
"It would include my family, red wine, gruyère, good scenery, some fabulous music and sleeping in."

And now, the speed round:

Blackberry or iPhone?

Splurge or save?

Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
Audrey Hepburn

East Coast or West Coast?
West Coast

Night out or take out?
Night out

Clippers or Lakers?

Neon or Pastel?
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