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Who is Los Angeles' Hottest Trainer? The Final Round Starts Now.

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The search for LA's Hottest Trainer started way back in June and since then, more than 100 nominations have been sent in. After sorting through them, it was clear that this would be a tough fight. Our 16 candidates were chosen because yes, they're all attractive, but also because they're smart, funny, hardworking and just plain inspiring. It's obvious from the amount of clicks, Tweets, Likes and emails each post and poll has generated that you guys feel the very same way. Look, if we could we'd give each one of them a prize.

But this is a contest, and there can only be one winner, which means it's time for the final showdown. Here, now, our female and male champion face off for the title of LA's Hottest Trainer. In one corner, we've got hotbody Katie Johnson of Physique 57. In the other, we have the hunky Sage Noh of Sage Fitness. You have until this time tomorrow (3pm) to vote for your favorite.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.

Poll results

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