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At Old Navy, Luke Perry Talks Fashion Missteps, Reg Guy Style

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There was a lot to like about last night's Old Navy party celebrating the opening of their new, short-term Beverly pop-up shop, the Old Navy Bluesology Bar. Guests walked away with free jeans and Western-themed, boot-shaped glass beer mugs, for instance. There was an open bar, and wait staff proffering little snacks on sticks like mini corn dogs and meatballs. Oh, and Luke Perry and his fellow OG 90210 co-star Jennie Garth were there, mingling and chatting. Perry, Garth and Jason Priestly are the stars of the retailer's 90210-themed back-to-school denim campaign—check out their commercials here and here. We snagged a moment with the man who will forever be Dylan McKay in our hearts to talk about jeans, fashion and LA.

What style of jeans are you wearing tonight?
"Classic cut. I represent the simplest and the plainest of the Old Navy line. The stuff that just a regular guy would wear."

How does they compare to the ones you wore in high school?
"Similar in the sense that I never let fashion dictate...It's all about comfort for me. It's gotta feel good and it's gotta give me some room to move. And I know these are not fashionable traits, but they're practical. And I prefer practical clothes."

You never tried any questionable trends?
"Shit, I may have had a pair of parachute pants. I don't know. It may have happened."

How did you get involved with Old Navy?
"I loved the other commercial I saw with Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson). And clearly, Jennie is the Louise Jefferson of the Nineties. So it only seemed right that they would want to get her to do it. And I thought it was funny. It seemed like a good time to do it."

Do you consider yourself a fashion icon of any sort?
"No. Because when you think of me, you do think of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Cause that's what I wear, as much on camera as off. And I'm okay with that. You know, you can leave the tuxedos to Cary Grant. It's just not what I do."

What are your thoughts on California style?
"Truly, it's about function. It is function over anything else. In California, at any given time, the weather will swing 40 degrees a different way. I didn't know that when I moved out here from Ohio where the seasons are fairly defined and specific. I moved here in the '80s—way back. But it's true, you have to have functional clothing here."

Where do you live in LA?
"Close by."
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