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Hottest Trainer Contestant #7: Lisa Moloshok

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Welcome to Racked LA's search for Los Angeles' hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile sixteen smoking candidates who work at local gyms and studios. Then, once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which you get to vote for your favorite. Let the games begin!

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Now introducing Hottest Trainer candidate #7, Lisa Moloshok of Pilates Plus West Hollywood. Lots of you emailed in to suggest Lisa for this contest—in total, there were 18 entries for her, a current Hottest Trainers record. "In the last year, I have lost close to fifty pounds and owe much to the grueling sessions I hate/love to have with Lisa," said one; another, "she is super hot and works my ass off." The NASM, SPX, TRX, pre and post-natal, and weight management-certified trainer took a break from her sessions to reveal the silver bullet for ab flab (kidding, she says there are no secrets) and why she loves her job.

How did you get into this line of work?
"It was actually 100% by accident. I used to work in the entertainment industry and I was going to become a producer. The end. Since I was little it was all wanted to do. The more work I did, the more I looked to exercise as an outlet. I started checking out different classes around town and I found an SPX class, which is the exercise I teach at Pilates Plus, totally by accident. I was hooked immediately and decided to teach it as something extra-curricular, completely outside the entertainment industry as I was trying to get promoted and whatnot.

I got NASM certified so I felt really knowledgeable in what I was teaching. And I slowly started acquiring clients. At the time, I had no inclination of leaving the industry. Then other studios started to recruit me. But there were days where I was teaching from 6am to 9am, going in to Beverly Hills to my office and doing script notes and director's lists all day long, going home at night, doing more notes then waking up and doing it all over again in the morning until one day I just got up and walked into my bosses office and said, 'I'm going to go. Forever.' It wasn't planned and I couldn't articulate what I was trying to say at ALL. He was totally shocked but so happy and supportive. I miss them all so much but am really so happy now."

What's the hardest thing about your job?
"To really explain to the client that it's going to be a process. You're going to have to be patient, you are going to have to put in a lot of work. You can't just cut this out or cut that out or only do this workout or only do that workout. It's hard work. I read a quote this morning that said, 'It's called work out because it's work. If there wasn't work involved it'd be called easy out.' It's true.

Another hard part of it is convincing clients that they need to be eating, and eating consistently. You're not going to get fit by eating two things at two in the afternoon and starving yourself the rest of the day. You have to be fueling that machine."

What's the most rewarding?
"There have been so many rewarding parts of my job. I've had a couple clients that lost 100 pounds. A client came to me in May and I said, how was your weekend. And she said, good, I bought a bikini. I'm like, oh cool. And she says, No no no, I've never purchased a bikini in my life. That's the cool thing about what I do. To see them through their journey, whatever it is. And help them along the way."

Do you have any tips for someone just starting out?
"My biggest tip is slow and steady. Usually when you're starting at a ten when you need to start at a four you are doing your body more harm than good. When you're thinking long-term, I always tell people to look at it as a marathon not a sprint. You should pace yourself. It's the hardest thing to remember, but it's the most important thing to remember."

What's the biggest mistake that people make with workouts?
"Oye. Comparing themselves to others. Everyone is different, everyone has different fitness goals, everyone is different in the terms of what they should be doing. Be concerned with yourself. Don't pay attention to what that person's lifting in the gym or that person's running on the treadmill. Take care of yourself. That's number one."

Do you have any flat-stomach secrets?
"The funny thing about that question is that everyone is looking for a secret. There's no magical wizard that's keeping a scroll of ab secrets under lock and key. It is just stop eating crap and exercise. It's making sure that you're feeding your body right and that you're participating in the right cardio and strength training program for you. It's all of that and it sounds so simple, but it's just honest. It's work, bottom line. Bob Harper, I promise you, doesn't eat like half a lasagne and then sit around and watch TV all day long."

Where do you shop for workout gear?
"My pants and my sports bras are Lululemon. Love those Lulu Robertson girls. They're the best. For tops, I often wear American Apparel tanks. When I regularly like to class it up I wear a men's undershirt. Shoes, I really have so many sneakers it's weird. For running, I wear Nike Lunarglide. For teaching, I wear Dunks a lot."

What do you do when you're not workout out?
"Eat! I eat a lot of food. I love just hanging out with my friends and it typically involves amazing brunches and dinners around Los Angeles. I really am a hermit. I love to be home. I get a lot of crap from my friends about it, but it's just who I am."

Lisa trains clients in SPX at Pilates Plus in West Hollywood as well as personal training in gyms and private homes around Los Angeles. For more information, click to or Pilates Plus West Hollywood.
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