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David Beckham, The Statue, Appears On Hollywood Boulevard

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Jockeying for attention amongst Spider Man, Marilyn Monroe and all the other characters stationed on Hollywood Boulevard is a tall, muscular newcomer painted silver. You can take a photo with him, and he won't charge you. We're talking about H&M's statue of David Beckham, nude save for a pair of boxer briefs, which was installed this morning in front of the Hollywood & Highland center.

When Racked stopped by an hour ago, tourists were queued up in front of a small red carpet, waiting to get snapped next to faux David. Posted signs encourage users to upload their shots to Instagram for a chance at prizes including a $1,000 H&M shopping spree. You can look but you can't touch: When one eager European tried to grab the statue's hand, a security guard materialized to wave him off.

The Davids have traveled for this gig. They were put up originally in London when David Beckham's first underwear collection for H&M launched, then brought stateside for this, his second go-round. This version will be installed in Hollywood until the 19th, when it will then be moved to Santa Monica Place.
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