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LA's Bones and Feathers Collective Designs for Of a Kind

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Photos via BFC

When we spotted Bones and Feathers Collective co-designer Cole Morrall at Of a Kind and Closet Rich's fashionable fiesta a few weeks ago, a light bulb when off in our heads: BFC and OAK should collaborate! Little did we know that the LA-based jewelry line and the popular e-shop already had big plans in store.

Morrall and her BFC co-designer Natalie Mauro have just unveiled their Petite Shark Necklace—a super limited edition design that's exclusively available on Of a Kind today. Handmade locally, the $130 necklace features shark vertebrae with beads that come in turquoise or coral, along with an adjustable brass chain that can be worn long or short.

"The metal components are all produced in L.A.," the designers tell OAK. "We use pretty much only L.A.-based distributors and craftsmen. Only 30 necklaces were made (we told you it was limited) so shop it here.
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