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Hottest Trainer Contestant #13: Erin McFarland

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Our 13th Hottest contestant, Erin McFarland, came highly recommended. "Her body is ridiculous," exclaimed one client. Another: "She is super-motivating and positive, and is in such sick shape herself that she is an inspiration to work out with!!" We quizzed the Michigan native on how she got her start, her newbie workout tips and more.

How did you get into training?
"I've been doing sports all my life, from grade school through college. I moved to California and I ended up living in the gym and not finding anything in the line of work I wanted to do [on the business side of the health and fitness industry]. I can't sit at a desk; I'm always on-the-go. One of the trainers at the gym was like, 'Why don't you go back to school?' I went to the National Personal Training Institute. After that, I felt really confident in my skills. One of the owners [of Easton Gym] approached me about training and I've been working with clients there ever since."

What's the hardest thing about the job?
"The early hours aren't always fun. But sometimes the hardest part is changing [a client's] mindset, because it's really a mental battle. When they start to feel bad when they miss a workout, that's a good thing.

What's the most rewarding?
"I had one client whose wife said, 'How do I thank you?' Or something like that. Besides the fact that he had completely changed his body, he changed his confidence, the way he was with her and the kids and more. When they tell me that, it's great. [Clients] say things day-to-day that show me that they've chosen to be healthy."

What are your tips for someone who's just starting out?
"Try to stay in tune with your body. Form is very important. And don't give up. Just keep going; don't stop. The hardest part is starting but once you get into a flow and a routine, you feel better. Then the results will come."

Do you see people making mistakes when they're working out?
"They'll do the same thing over and over and over and [their] body will plateau. Or if you overtrain, you'll be more prone to injury. Stretching is also very important. When people do a workout and then they leave the gym, I don't know if they go home and stretch or not."

What's your flat-stomach advice?
"Diet. A balanced diet—watch your sugars, stay low-sodium. Get enough sleep because your body rests and repairs itself when you are sleeping. And cardio, because if you want to see a six-pack you need to lose what's on top of that before you see definition. But diet is more than half of the battle. Also, tons and tons of water, which flushes the sodium out of your system."

Where do you shop for workout gear?
"I go to Lululemon mostly and I wear Mizuno shoes. I like Sports Chalet a lot, too. I actually need some new gym clothes [laughs]."

What do you do when you're not at the gym?
"I like to be outside. I haven't been on my board much recently, but I like to go paddleboarding. I paddleboard in Malibu, there's a cove there, and in Santa Monica. I used to go to Manhattan Beach, but it's too much of a trek."

Erin trains at Easton Gym on Beverly and also trains privately out of her clients' homes. Email for more information.
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