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Barneys Online Warehouse Sale Starts Tomorrow; No As Is

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As it was in February
As it was in February

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Attention, Barneys Warehouse Sale shoppers. According to a Racked tipster, and confirmed by Barneys customer service, the inaugural online Warehouse Sale will begin tomorrow morning at 6am PT. UPDATE: See below. Writes said tipster:

"Per the Barneys NY CS Dept, the Barneys Warehouse [Sale] will start tomorrow, August 2, 2012. Unfortunately, they aren't going to have a "AS IS". I was told that I "might be pleasantly surprised by the reductions". Please let them know that in LA we "love' the "AS IS" and "Reduced" section at the start of the sale when it was at the LA Convention Center and the Santa Monica Hangar."
Barneys, you take away our LA Warehouse Sale and then you take away our "As Is" merchandise? And you start the sale at a relatively civil East Coast time of 9am, forcing us West Coasters to rise early to take advantage of the bargains? Let the grumbling begin.

UPDATE: Barneys PR has just called us to say that tomorrow morning is NOT the public launch of the sale, and that the customer service reps who were telling many people otherwise and who confirmed the information with us were misinformed. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.
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