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Fashion Fiends Swarm Nasty Gal's Beachside Rummage Sale

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Savvy bargain hunters and Racked LA Dealfeed stalkers zipped to Venice this Saturday to catch Nasty Gal's mega rummage sale. Although the event started at 2pm, we thought it would be a great idea to mosey down around 3pm since the sale was set to end at 10pm. Our judgment was clearly off because by the time we got to NG's picturesque beachside penthouse, most of the $5 clothing and $20 footwear bins were super picked over, save for a few Lady Gaga-friendly shoes by Substitute.

Staff tell us that diehards started lining up early—nearly an hour before the sale began—and were eager to nab the e-tailer's au courant looks for a whole lot less. And shopping the floor was a team effort: once NG loyalists found top gear, they asked friends (or supportive boyfriends) to patrol their piles while they scavenged for replenished bins and rejected items. These piles included everything from bold bodycon dresses by Wow Couture to cross tie leggings to tutu skirts. You know, the essentials.

The brand's buttons and postcards also peppered the space's décor, as did endless cartons of Coco Cafe—an espresso coffee/coconut water hybrid beverage that was essentially the day's go-go juice.
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