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CityTarget Westwood A Harbinger of Targets to Come

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Los Angeles' first CityTarget is officially open for business. Our friends at Curbed trekked over to Westwood to do a bit of shopping recon and found that the casualties of the store's city-centric edit include such suburban items as pool supplies and weed whackers. Shoppers instead will find "home decor stuff, UCLA-appropriate dorm supplies, clothes, food, toiletries, and a Starbucks." The 99,000-square-foot store also feels "daintier" in some ways than your typical Target, and has friendly call-outs that reference its specific neighborhood (a big sign near the entrance says "Hi Westwood").

Aside from those small differences, the store is pretty much in line with the regular old Targets that we all know and some of us love. As blogger Brigham Yen simply puts it, "CityTarget carries just about everything you would find at a regular suburban Target." And now, it's time to commence countdown to the Downtown and Beverly Connection CityTarget openings.
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10861 Weyburn Ave., Los Angeles, CA