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Max Greenfield Gets All Model-y For Glamour Magazine

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All photos Jennifer Livingston/Glamour

Lest our Max Greenfield obsession wane during the months that New Girl is off the air, the actor is back in the spotlight this month with a fashion spread in none other than Glamour magazine. The story is all about the "it" colors for fall, and Greenfield does his best Blue Steel throughout. In true Glamour fashion, the article wouldn't be complete without the actor's fashion "dos"—and in true Greenfield fashion, he doesn't get out without namechecking one of his favorite brands. His top three:

1. DO impress with fun shoes. “If you’re going to buy really expensive shoes, don’t get something classic. Have fun. Go on—make some color choices.”
2. DO flatter your body.Rag & Bone makes a women’s blazer that fits like a gem. My wife has a couple, and, man, she should wear ’em every day.”

3. And if you’re going out with a guy like Schmidt? DO bring your A-game. “A guy wants a lady to show up looking like she made an effort,because he’s spent at least an hour in the bathroom with products and the outfit.”Check out the whole article and spread in Glamour's August issue, on newsstands now.
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