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Hottest Trainer Contestant #4: Jason Wimberly

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Welcome to Racked LA's search for Los Angeles' hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile sixteen smoking candidates who work at local gyms and studios. Then, once you've gotten to know everyone, we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which you get to vote for your favorite. Let the games begin!

All photos Elizabeth Daniels

What is it about spinning instructors that inspires such devotion in their riders? Similar to yesterday's Hottest Contestant Roarke Walker of SoulCycle, Jason Wimberly (aka Hottest Trainer contestant number 4) came to the Racked Inbox HIGHLY recommended by his students at Cycle House. "This guy is one to watch, and has a body of the gods," said one; "simply put, the dude is not only a phenomenal trainer, he is ripped and can rock a pair of high heels" raved another. We got the former dancer's workout tips and flat stomach secrets.

How did you get into this line of work?
"I was a nationally competitive cheerleader, before attending the Idyllwild Arts Academy as a dance major. Upon graduating at 16 years old, I moved to San Francisco to dance with San Francisco Ballet, before moving to San Diego where I worked with numerous dance companies. I was fortunate to have a very health-conscious family, so being active was something I was raised with."

What's the hardest thing about your job, and the most rewarding?
"The only hard part is helping clients deal with the frustration that can sometimes be associated with a lofty fitness goal. However, with the proper guidance and the desire to make it happen, anything is possible. That in itself, is the most rewarding. It's amazing to see someone regain control of themselves and their lives, by addressing their health and wellness. I mean, I get to help people look better, sleep better, live longer and feel amazing. What's not to love?"

Do you have any tips for people who are just getting started?
"Work out with a friend, boyfriend, or sign up for a class. Having someone else to make you accountable is what makes all the difference. Group fitness classes are great because you can really feed off the energy of the instructor and others in the room, but don't let it turn into a competition. Push yourself, challenge yourself, but don't do it to a point where it's no longer safe."

What's the biggest mistake you see people making with their workouts?
"Poor form. Hands down. I always joke I could make a career out of simply correcting bad form in a gym. All too often people worry about trying something fancy they read in a magazine, or about using heavy weight. Maintaining proper form and paying attention to engage your core will ensure you work smarter, not harder. It will also keep you injury free. Powering your way through a workout that is too intense, when you're not using proper form, is pointless in my opinion."

What is the secret to a perfectly-flat stomach?
"Two things: diet and posture. Abs start in the kitchen, and doing your best to maintain a clean, healthy diet is the best way to make sure that stomach stays flat. A six pack can only show once your body fat drops below 9%, regardless of how many hundreds of sit ups you do a day. A clean diet coupled with cardio work outs are how you can get there. Posture and the way one holds their body is a huge factor. Think about it, is your stomach relaxed and hanging over the top of your pants, or are you actively engaging your core and pulling your belly button in towards your lower back? Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, tighten up that stomach. I tell clients to wear a tight shirt or sports bra (when appropriate of course) so they can actually see what's happening down there. Chances are if you just imagine yourself topless all the time, you're going to tighten a lot more than if you hide out under a baggy shirt."

Where do you shop for your workout gear?
"I'm addicted to all things Stella McCartney for Adidas (yes, for women). I love everything. I have quite a bit of Nike and Adidas Originals as well. My shoe brand of choice has always been Asics. I have very high arches from my dance life, and they seem to be most supportive."

What do you do when you're not at the gym?
"Anything with my amazing fiance, Lee Alexander, who is also a personal trainer and an accomplished professional bodybuilder."

Jason trains at Cycle House on La Cienega and schedules personal training sessions at Mansion Fitness. For more information on Cycle House, click here or call (310) 358-0888; for Mansion Fitness, call (323) 378-5818 or click here.
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