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Get to Know the Brilliant Girls Behind the GIOGO Show

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Photos via the GIOGO girls

Tiana Brown and Julianne Waters have built successful careers around one simple phrase: "Get In or Get Out." Watching their wildly popular web series The GIOGO Show (an acronym for their catchy motto) is like listening in on an infectiously energetic conversation between two well-dressed, well-connected friends that know the ins and outs of Los Angeles like no other.

Powered by witty banter, enviable accessories and out-of-this-world nail art, each episode features what the GIOGO girls are feeling ("Get In") or not feeling ("Get Out") in the realm of fashion and beauty, peppered with unadulterated advice on a variety of topics. We checked in with the former pro dancers (they've toured with Britney Spears and The Black Eyed Peas) to hear more about their world.

What is the premise behind your web series?
"We like to call ourselves INFOtainers. We talk about lifestyle, trends, beauty and fashion in a very entertaining and honest way. We do all of our own research and speak our truth. With so many "yes people," we encourage others to have their own opinion and say what's true to them. Being that we are also content creators, we've created Nailway and a collection of DIYs."

What were each of you doing career-wise before the GIOGO show?
"We were professional dancers for pop artists. We were touring with Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff. Tiana was also involved in production as an Associate Consulting Producer for America's Got Talent and X Factor and Julianne was focused on her jewelry line JuJuGold, which has been featured on Rihanna, Kreayshawn and Amber Rose."

How did you start working together?
"We started working together as dancers back in the day for Christina Milian. We started the GIOGO Girls idea in 2008 because so many of our friends would ask us about cool spots in LA (clubs, shopping, restaurants, etc). We decided to put it all on video and started "The Get In or Get Out Show" with very minimal knowledge of editing, directing or branding. Because we had to pay the bills, our lives took us away from that idea after six months. In 2010, we met in London and decided to bring the show back to life. GIOGO was born and the girls were back."

You both seem so natural in front of the camera. Any tips for aspiring web series hosts?
"Make sure you have good lighting and keep it honest."

What is your favorite GIOGO episode to date?
"We both agree that GIOGO The Nail Show (2012) is our favorite. Not only did we have a blast shooting this, but we crack up every time we watch it."

Where do you guys get your amazing nail art done and where do you shop?
"For nails, Tiana has tried almost all the hot spots in LA, but now she goes to Sarah Bland at Gloss in Beverly Hills (9867 S Santa Monica Blvd). She's incredible! For shopping, Tiana goes to Nordstroms, BCBG,, and Julianne has been dedicated customer at CT Nails III in WeHo (7868 Santa Monica Blvd) for a long time—Peter and Michelle are the best because she can bring them any idea and they can make her nails look fabulous. Julianna shops at Wasteland, Goodwill and flea markets, and scours eBay vintage seller stores."

What are your top 3 Get In trends for summer?
"1) Upside down triange jean shorts paired with your favorite sneaker wedges, 2) classic white jeans paired with candy-colored heels and a stripe top to combine 'cruise' with 'candy' and 3) a power necklace with anything and everything."

What are your top 3 Get Out trends for summer?
"1) A dark matte lipstick, 2) chunky Heels (these are rarely flattering to your silhouette) and 3) Duck Flare nails."
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