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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Returns to Van Nuys High for GQ

Photo via Getty
Photo via Getty

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Here in Los Angeles, we not only groom top talent—we breed them. A slew of famous faces once meandered through the halls of our schools, including A-lister Angelina Jolie (Beverly Hills High) and top model Chanel Iman (Fairfax High). Charming showman Joseph Gordon-Levitt is another Angeleno alum; he recently took a brisk walk down memory lane at Van Nuys High for the August issue of GQ.

After getting permission to walk the school's campus during primetime, the Dark Night Rises star and GQ's Amy Wallace go seemingly unnoticed, until a group of giggly girls spot JGL. In the feature, Wallace recounts the very moment they're caught:

"We are wandering the campus, aiming vaguely toward the room where he once took calculus, when he feels them on his heels. 'We might be caught,' he says to me under his breath, and before I grasp what he means, we are surrounded. To their credit, none of these fresh-faced teens is looking in a compact mirror, but one of them does squeal, 'Oh. MY. GOD!' Joe puts a finger to his lips. 'Shhh! I'm Joe,' he whispers."

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