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Brooke Burke-Charvet on Designing Luxe Lingerie for Less

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Last friday we stopped by the swank rooftop of the Petit Ermitage hotel for the launch of BeachMint's latest celebrity-driven vertical, IntiMINT. Designed by Dancing With the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet, the e-commerce site offers a variety of affordably-priced lingerie, loungewear and sleepwear that flatters both your body and your wallet. From racy lace panty sets for $20 to vintage-inspired nighties for $80, there really is something for everyone. Here, we sat down with IntiMINT creative director Burke-Charvet to learn more about her undeniably chic underthings.

There's a strong Parisian influence in your designs. Was that intentional?
"Definitely. My husband [actor David Charvet] is French, so right after I started working with IntiMINT David and I went to Paris to do some lingerie shopping and research. I love their high-end, vintage-inspired lingerie, so I knew that I wanted my pieces wanted to have a luxurious feel while still being wearable and practical. It's all about those hints of detail."

Speaking of details, the clever touches on these undergarments really make you want to show them off.
"You took the words right out of mouth. I wanted to create bandeaus that are meant to be seen and bras with colorful crisscross straps because, let's say you're wearing a racerback top, you know the straps are going to show so they might as well be beautiful. I don't want to see a nude bra peeking under my on-trend baggy shirt or tank top—I want to see pops of color and playful, sexy details. I encourage woman to experiment and wear pieces that are intentionally bold."

Do you think all women should invest in quality lingerie?
"Yes. No more beige, boring, ugly panties! And finding the right-sized garments is essential; we recently did a study that revealed that nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. That's something we've been very thoughtful about, the fit. We want to offer something for every woman: there are padded bras, push-up bras, dresses with sleeves for the woman who doesn't want to show off her arms and bottoms for all body types. And even if you like to wear sweatpants around the house, make sure to throw on some beautiful panties underneath."

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?
"First of all, I want to see them out on everyone—I want girls to show them off under their sheer blouses. Have fun with it! As far as my dream girls, I love vintage black and white films with Brigitte Bardot, so I would have loved to see her in my designs. And Sophia Loren. All the iconic starlets from old movies were just so effortlessly sexy."

What's next for IntiMINT?
"We're continuing to create educational videos as well as engaging in social media to get the community involved. We want to know what you love and what you don't love. Also, I'm really excited about creating pieces with pops of neon—that's something we're looking at for spring. I can't wait!"
· IntiMINT [Official Site]