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5 Fashion Moments From The Now 20-Year-Old Melrose Place

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Can you believe it's actually been 20 years (this week) since TV viewers were introduced to Melrose Place and it's unforgettable cast of West Hollywood apartment dwellers? In honor of the occasion we've compiled some of our favorite fashion moments from the show that gave us so many drama-filled episodes.

1. To kick things off, let's take a look at this moment (above) from season 4, episode 24 ("Run Billy Run"). Looks like Jane wasn't too pleased by what she saw during Richard's fashion show.

2. Okay, this is more of a "beauty" moment, but we can't leave out this iconic scene. Who can forget when the migrane-afflicted Dr. Kimberly Shaw ripped off her wig to expose that massive scar?

3. This scene has almost all the classic Melrose Place elements we love. Nineties fashion moments, including a puffy-shouldered wedding dress, over-the-top drama, screaming and a fight between Sydney and Jane that ends up with both of them in the pool.

4. Office wear, Melrose Place-style. Who didn't love ball-busting Amanda Woodward, with her tiny skirt suits and her bleached 'do? Heather Locklear made many of the era's questionable style choices, including lipliner, look pretty good. Unrelated: How has Kristin Davis not aged a day since this clip was filmed? Crazy.

5. Lisa Rinna's conniving doesn't affect her wardrobe: Her white shift dress gets barely a wrinkle and her hair doesn't move one inch—even when she slams a door into her face.

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