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Chloe Sevigny Thinks Hollywood Doesn't Like Her

Photo via Getty
Photo via Getty

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Indie film queen, designer, It girl and all-around style icon Chloë Sevigny is known for her daring roles in films like Kids, The Brown Bunny and Boys Don't Cry. Per Just Jared, the 37-year-old (really?) actress recently chatted with Out magazine about playing a transsexual contract killer in the new British series, Hit & Miss, and shared some interesting insight on her relationship with Hollywood:

Hollywood does not know what to do with me. They do not like me. That’s why I end up in these seemingly difficult movies. That’s what is offered to me, and I need to make a living.”

And here we were thinking that she deliberately pursues these over-the-top characters. Well, Sevigny may not be up for an Oscar anytime soon, but there's one thing that's for sure: the fashion world will always be obsessed with her.
· Chloe Sevigny Talks Playing a Transsexual with 'Out' Magazine [Just Jared]