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The 4 Rules of The Joie, Equipment, Current/Elliott Sale

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We respect it when a brand or, in this case, brands, tries to keep their sample sale from being a shit show. That being said, the Joie, Equipment, Current/Elliott sale is pretty strict. There are a few rules, and plenty of security to enforce them. We know this because we were invited to the VIP preview yesterday. The rules are:

1. No strollers: Self explanatory.
2. No handbags: Bring just a small wallet with you unless you want to go through the hassle of checking your bag. There was no bag check at the preview, sending us sprinting back to our car.
3. No clothes on the floor: We overheard one staffer telling a customer that the brands cannot sell the clothes if they become dirty, so no one is allowed to throw stuff on the floor. Okay, so this rule also seems self-explanatory until you're in a communal fitting room with 30 button downs and nowhere to put them. They are so serious about this that we actually saw a female security guard holding clothes for a woman as she dressed and undressed right in front of her.

4. Before you pay, you gotta get your stuff bagged: We're torn over whether or not this makes sense/saves time/streamlines things. When you're ready to purchase you must first head to a bagging station where they'll tally your finds and put them in plastic.

Is it worth the hassel? We say yes. There is a TON of stuff (and we were assured they'd be restocking). Long racks of silky Equipment button downs in all sorts of colors and patterns (sheer! star print! sleeveless with a contrasting collar! shoulderless with a bejeweled collar!), a solid assortment of Current/Elliott denim (skinnies in neon yellow, pint and teal; skinnies with an allover dot print; khakis; denim shirts, dresses and jackets) and plenty of Joie (floaty blouses, Joie Soft tees and sweatshirts, sandals and boots). Just come prepared.
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