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Teen Blogger Tavi Tells Us About Her Upcoming LA Pop-Up

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Tavi Gevinson with actress Hailee Steinfeld. Photo via Getty
Tavi Gevinson with actress Hailee Steinfeld. Photo via Getty

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If you've been following the history of big-money blogging, then you know all about the phenomenon that is Tavi Gevinson. Adored by brands like Miu Miu and LA's own Rodarte, the 16-year-old style blogger gets the front row treatment during fashion week and also has a slew of Hollywood fans, including Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld, who she went to Disneyland with last year.

Armed with respect from the fashion world and support from Sassy founder Jane Pratt (who she calls her "fairy godmother"), last year Gevinson launched an online magazine called Rookie that's targeted towards teens. Thanks to the hub's unique features, like "Ask a Grown Man" where Mad Men's Jon Hamm hilariously answers random teen questions on video, Rookie has quickly gained a loyal following—and Gevinson is going on a national tour to meet them all.

From July 21 through 28, the Rookie Road Trip presented by Rookie, Urban Outfitters and The Ardorous will be setting up shop at LA's Space15Twenty. Tavi tells us that the week-long event will feature: "a curation of work from The Ardorous, an installation by [Ardorous founder] Petra and me, karaoke, a '50s prom-themed dance party, live music from one of Rookie's favorite bands, a DIY workshop with crown-making included, Rookie staff writers and guest contributors reading their pieces aloud, and a pop-up shop of goodies by friends of Rookie and vintage souvenirs from the road." Stay tuned for more!
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