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Danny Masterson Curates Rad Rock Photos at Confederacy

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Local fashion fiends, art aficionados and music buffs joined forces at Confederacy last night to preview a collection of limited edition prints hand-selected by actor Danny Masterson. Also known as DJ Mom Jeans, the boutique's cofounder and That '70s Show alum spinned retro tunes for the intimate crowd as they marveled over rare photos of artists like The Beatles, Biggie and The Runaways.

Masterson worked with online fine art photography gallery Rock Paper Photo to curate the exhibit, which features over 40 iconic snaps across a variety of music genres. Some of our favorites include Steve Embertson's classic backstage shot of Sid and Nancy, a regal-looking David Bowie with cigar in hand by Andrew Kent and badass Jimi Hendrix gnawing on his guitar after a particularly epic solo, captured by Henry Grossman.

Masterson's Rock Paper Photo exhibition remains on display at Confederacy through the summer.
· Confederacy [Official Site]
· Rock Paper Photo [Official Site]


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