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Loehmann's on La Cienega Has A Birkin for $15,000

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Rumor has it that Hermès is so fanatical about the perfection of its bags that if one does not measure up, it is burned. The French luxury brand is also, as you might expect, a bit picky about how it's portrayed: cameras are strictly banned at its NYC sample sales (though that hasn't stopped our sister site Racked NY from snapping away covertly). So we have a feeling that the folks at Hermès corporate might not be so happy to know that three of their coveted handbags are currently on sale at Loehmann's on La Cienega.

Over the weekend, a Racked tipster nabbed the above photo of two of the bags. According to a salesperson, the store is in possession of three styles—one large brown Birkin priced at $14,999, a smaller one in purple for $13,999 and a hobo for $13,999. If you're interested in purchasing one or all of the handbags (no judgment), dial 310-659-0674 x219. You should know that they only hold items for one day and all sales are final. There's no word on whether or not more Birkins will make their way to Loehmann's, but we do know that this isn't an isolated incident.
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333 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048