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Superstar Stylist Cher Coulter on Dressing Kate, Rosie, Nicole

Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth. Photos courtesy of Starworks Artists.
Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth. Photos courtesy of Starworks Artists.

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Cher Coulter is one of our city's most dynamic celebrity stylists. After graduating from the prestigious Central St. Martins University in London and starting a successful menswear line, she developed a keen passion for styling and moved to Los Angeles on a whim in 2003. Since then, she's become the driving force behind some of Hollywood's most style-stalked stars, including Kate Bosworth (who Coulter co-founded JewelMint with), Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and our other favorite British expat, model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Coulter recently sat down with us to chat about her styling philosophies for Bosworth, Huntington-Whitley and Richie, her local shopping and beauty spots, and her upcoming exotic vacation that we're super envious of.

Who gave you your first big break in Hollywood?
"When I moved here, I instantly fell in love with the culture and couldn't wait to work. Then one night at a concert, I randomly bumped into my friend Orlando Bloom, who I used to party with back in London. He asked me to style him for a shoot with Flaunt Magazine, which was a big success. From there, I started working with the magazine on a regular basis and met more photographers, publicists and celebrities."

What is your approach to styling Kate Bosworth?
"Well, Kate can really wear anything—she's the perfect muse and has a very European fashion sense. You need a lot of trust in this job, so I'm grateful that she takes risks. My goal is to keep these girls in Vogue and other high-fashion magazines. I could care less about the weeklies—those don't mean anything to me. Fashion is a constant rebellion, and Kate understands that."

Are you and Kate working on anything exciting for JewelMint?
"We've been designing JewelMint for two years now—it's crazy how fast the time flies! It just keeps getting better and better. We're now introducing belts and bags; Kate wore our metal jeweled bag to Coachella. We want to find new ways to wear jewelry, so there's also a bag that comes with interchangeable chains that you can wear as a belt or necklace or wrap bracelet. There's also a really great envelope bag. We want to create more items that are versatile so girls can get the most wear out of them."

Coulter with Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

When did you start working with Rosie Huntington-Whitley?
"It all started during the Transformers 3 press tour last year. She's a very cool girl and she's English, so we get each other very well. And thanks to her modeling background, she really understands fashion. Rosie's a naturally very sexy girl. As a stylist, I enjoy working with fashion and glamor, and Rosie is the perfect combo of those worlds!"

We were obsessed with her Christopher Kane x J Brand shorts at Coachella.
"Yes! I love those as well. That outfit was a perfect example of how me and Rosie collaborate. She knew that she wanted to wear a crisp white shirt with denim shorts, and I told her 'Yeah, well I have the denim shorts' and showed her those cool embellished ones. She tried them on and just looked amazing. I mean, who else could get those shorts? They're not easy to find. That look has received so much love, so she's very happy."

What's your take on dressing boho queen, Nicole Richie?
"She has that signature bohemian style, but we always try to evolve it so that she's not stuck in just one mood. I love Nicole—she's so fantastic."

So, where do you shop for yourself in LA?
"Satine is always great—they're always so friendly and have a little bit of everything. For vintage, I like the Rose Bowl flea market, Shareen Vintage, Wasteland, and Slow on Melrose."

Do you have any favorite local beauty spots?
"I get my hair done by Lori at Privé Salon (7373 Beverly Blvd)—she's fantastic for blondes. My go-to nail place is called Desire (1921 N Bronson Ave). It's a fairly new spot in Franklin Village, where I live."

Any LA hidden treasures?
"I really love Franklin Village—it has everything I need. My favorite place is this magazine shop called The Daily Planet (5931 1/2 Franklin Ave). It has the most amazing selection of international magazines."

Do you have any exciting projects in the works?
"I styled my girls for the Met Costume Institute Gala in New York [taking place tonight, May 7]. Rosie is going with Burberry and Kate is going with Vogue. I'm also going on vacation to Peru with my family soon, which I'm very excited about! I know this trip will provide major inspiration. I love the landscape and I can't wait to see how the local women dress in all those vibrant colors!"
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