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Take A Photo Tour of Scoop NYC's Big Brentwood Boutique

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Elizabeth Daniels, 5/2/2012

We finally made it to Brentwood to take a spin around newcomer Scoop, who slid in right next to the Country Mart on 26th Street last week. Scoop's a pretty big phenomenon on the East Coast and this being their very first West Coast location, we were excited to check out all that the store had to offer. As you can see from our virtual tour, above, there are clothes, accessories and shoes galore for men and women; brands include Rag & Bone, John Varvatos, Kimberly Ovitz, AG Jeans, Acne and, of course, Scoop's house label. We spoke with Heidi Hoelzer, vice president and GMM of Scoop Women's, to get her take on the new store and to find out what Scoop has planned for the rest of LA.

So, why LA?
"This is a natural move and a move we would have done probably a few years back [if we could have]. The timing was right and it was worth the wait because the Brentwood location seems to really fit with our brand and our lifestyle. We've been open a for a week so far and it seems to be a good match."

What is the difference between LA and NYC in terms of what shoppers are looking for?
"In each of our areas, the customer changes a bit. We do like to keep some things consistent so a Scoop is a Scoop is a Scoop no matter what city you're in. And right now there's a trend in color, there's a trend in T-shirts and denim. But where our "uptown" customer might be going for a Michael Kors sheath dress, here she might be shopping for cover-ups and basics in multiples.

The setup of the store is very much in a neighborhood, rather than a city. So the lady that's coming in to shop with us, she's across the street doing yoga and coming in before or after her class, she's running errands in the Country Mart or she's coming in with her daughter. It's a very relaxed shopping atmosphere which is nice, because sometimes in the city it can be very touristy or everyone's on a time schedule.

How did you pick Brentwood?
"We have a couple stores that are set up in a neighborhood environment on the East Coast so we understand that formula. We've been looking at this spot for a while now. When I think about some of the stores we've had great success at, [they] cater to a woman that is doing a couple things at once. Having the convenience of our store next to something else appeals to her. When I first saw this location I was thinking about our Long Island store, our Dallas store—there's something about it that just registered to me that we've done this before and it feels right."

Are more LA stores planned?
"Yeah, I think it's out there. Nothing's confirmed yet. But we are on a bit of an expansion plan, so this is just our first store in a very big state. So I think there is at least one more to come."
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Scoop Brentwood

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