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More Vena Cava

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Daily Front Row caught up with Vena Cava co-designer Lisa Mayock to discuss the qualms of co-designer Sophie Buhai working from LA while she's still in New York. Mayock, an LA-native, admits that there's definitely some separation anxiety ("Sophie is like my baby blanket!") and a touch of jealously: "[LA is] where I’m from, so there is a lot to envy. But it does give me a really good excuse to go out there and see my family more often because I need to go out there now for work!" And while there is still no word as to whether an LA store is in the works, Mayock did reveal that Vena Cava is expanding and the design duo is "working on more collections and a few surprises in the next couple of months; maybe some lower price points." [Daily Front Row; Previously]