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Model-Founded Forrest & Bob Trades Copenhagen for LA

Photo via Forrest & Bob.
Photo via Forrest & Bob.

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Forrest & Bob is bringing sexy back. Founded in Copenhagen in 2008 by siblings and former models Adam, Joachim and Amalie Wichmann, the cult-favored fashion and lifestyle brand recently moved their creative operation to Los Angeles in an effort to expand their US presence. Equipped with a new North American e-commerce site, Forrest & Bomb is determined to get stateside stylesetters into their affordable sportswear, denim, lingerie, jewelry and accessories stat. We recently caught up with the Wichmann family to learn more about their fashion mission and why they want President Obama to wear their stuff.

Why did you decide to move here?
"After shooting a campaign in James Goldstein's beautiful mansion in LA, we all fell in love with the city and felt it was time for a change. We went back to Copenhagen, packed our bags and never looked back. Now, two years and a lot of tanning later, we have come to realize that the move was the best decision we've ever made!"

What inspired you to start Forrest & Bob?
"Our mom. We basically came up with the idea of creating a fashion and lifestyle brand when having dinner at a Thai restaurant in Copenhagen. The entire Wichmann family was bouncing ideas off of each other and it was actually our mom who, unknowingly at the time, made us venture into fashion and helped change our lives significantly."

What sets your line apart from others?
"Basics will be basics, but Forrest & Bob as a brand stands out with its sex appeal and provocative branding. If you wear us, you automatically join a group of people that love to be sexy and make a statement."

And your prices are pretty affordable.
"Yes. The goal has always been to create a high-end image and make it affordable for everyone."

Any plans to open an LA store?
"As of now, the plan is to grow our e-commerce business. We hope to become a big player on the web as a mono-brand offering cool product lines in fashion and lifestyle."

Where do you hang out in LA?
"We're really not the 'hang out' type of people. We rarely hit the clubs, but when we do, for some reason we tend to end up in shady places. It's never on purpose, though! But to be honest, we are more of the stay-at-home-and-watch-a-movie kind of people."

Who are some of your celebrity clients?
"We hate the concept of celebrity gifting—it seems forced. We want a clientele that actually wants to wear and subsequently promote the brand themselves. We have become really good friends with some of great Hollywood tastemakers and sooner than later we're positive that they will ask us to hook them up, hopefully!"

Who would you love to see wearing your line?
"It is an amazing feeling every time you see someone wearing Forrest & Bob, whether on the street or in a magazine. Although our target group is much younger, we would go crazy over seeing The Rolling Stones wearing our upcoming menswear line. The President of the United States, too—but just for the bragging rights! For the womenswear line, it always a pleasure to see beautiful women wearing the product. Bar Refaeli has already been spotted wearing some Forrest & Bob T-shirts, so that's great."

What's next for Forrest & Bob?
"We are constantly expanding the business. The company in Europe pretty much runs itself. Our focus is now to build awareness in the US and ship out tons of product to our new American fans. We'll also be shooting our next over-the-top sexy campaign soon. You can be sure that we'll be pushing the envelope once again!"
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